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Gauge Swabs Plain


Made from 100% natural cotton, Folded/without folded edge, colour-white, available mesh count , yarn,. High absorption capacity, bleached with hydrogen peroxide for high absorbency, made from simple cotton weave.


Ideal for cleaning a wound, stemming, absorbing blood and exudates fluids from wound. They are used to place over a wound before taping, strapping or bandaging up or can be soaked in antiseptic liquid and used to wipe over hard surfaces.


  • 5cm x 5cm X 8/12/16/32 ply B.P TYPE: 13/17/20
  • 7.5cm x 7.5cm X 8/12/16/32 ply B.P TYPE: 13/17/20
  • 10cm x 10cm X 8/12/16/32 ply B.P TYPE: 13/17/20

Special Sizes

20cm x 20cm 2ply; 5cm x 10cm 16ply; 5cm x 7.5cm 16ply

Packing Pattern

Available in non sterile bulk pack of 100 nos, Packing also available in ready to sterile packaging.